Effax leather balm for cleaning tack. Meant for horseback riders. With grip.

Effax Leder-Balsam + Grip Technology

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The Effax leather balsam with grip technology combines the most precious leather care of the Effax classic with an innovative anti-slip effect. The newly developed grip technology with the anti-slip effect ensures a better fit in the saddle - without sticking and leaving no residue on the leather equipment. Helps both beginners and professionals to have a secure seat.
  • Leather balsam with grip technology from Effax
  • With anti-slip effect
  • Is suitable for both professionals and beginners
  • Keeps the leather supple and tear resistant
  • Easy to apply
  • High-quality care additives such as avocado oil and lanolin nourish and nourish the leather, keep it supple and tear-resistant. Moreover, beeswax has a moisture-repellent finish and leaves a brilliant shine.