Horze Lunging Training System

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A perfect starter set for everything you need to begin lunging.

This nylon lunging starter's kit includes a surcingle girth with D-rings, allowing you to adjust the lines as needed. It also comes with a Lunge Line, an adjustable cavesson with soft lining in Sympatex, and side reins with elastic. All of the common training configurations can be accommodated with this surcingle. This is a durable and economical choice for a lunging starter set.


  • Durable and economical choice
  • Includes a girth with several D-rings
  • A lunge line
  • An adjustable cavesson
  • Side reins with elastic

Technical description:


Washing instructions:

After every ride, dampen a clean sponge, wring thoroughly. Wipe to remove sweat and dirt. Dry with clean towel.